Vision Merisuola

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Vision Merisuola

Vision om #6 og #7 serien:

Product manager Antti Guttorm: “This is the ideal weapon on calm days on skinny water. I was personally surprised on a trip to Hawaii, which is the home of some of the biggest bonefish in the world, when my guide told me to use a six weight rod. We were seeing +10lb bonefish in really skinny water and it was flat calm. When I was preparing for the trip I planned on using eights and nines. But when you need softer presentation that’s just too heavy and loud no matter what the size of the bonefish. Ofcourse this is ideal for smaller sized bonefish found on many Caribbean destinations. And a great choice also as a lighter seatrout rod.”

Product manager Antti Guttorm: “The #7 rod is the choice of most seatrout anglers across the Baltic and beyond. The 3 lightest rods in the Merisuola range are first and foremost designed for bonefish and seatrout fishing. This rod is a true catapult with surprising amount of strength in such a light and sensitive rod. This is the rod that our seatrout crash test dummies have been praising all around. Try it and get addicted.

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